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    Joe Rosse

    What are the bodywork requirements for the TAG Jr class? Most of the folks on Sunday were running CIK bodywork, but a couple were not. If we’re following SKUSA/TAGUSA requirements (as I thought we were except for specified exceptions), section says that all karts must have two CIK/CIK style side pods and a drive (I think they meant “driver”) fairing. Section also says “Aerodynamic noses designed for road racing are not allowed.”

    I doubt that aero noses make a big difference at Bandi, but they might create a more significant advantage at IMI or GJMS. So what’s the rule?

    Doug Welch


    We will allow the full body work. But it’s not as much an advatage as you might think. When we ran Junior Briggs, we ran full body work. We could draft by just about any one. However, if the kid knew how to draft, they would tuck in behind us and we could not shake them. In fact, we would just suck them right up and off the kids would go. There were four boys who hooked up every race and it was a drafting clinic. One kid didn’t even run the CIK nose but he was always in the draft.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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