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    Well not the weekend we hoped for but we had a great time!

    Congrats to all of the class winners and podium finishers. There was some great racing. We had a few friends come out to watch. They were blown away by what we do and had no idea of the thrills of kart racing, from Kid Karts to Pro Shifter

    What about little A.J. belting out the National Anthem? That kids not afraid of anything (you better hang on Jay) He did a great job as did Julie for all the years she sang for us. Wonder if she is signing at the Sprint Car races?

    The race crew did a great job. Bobby must be on a roll, seems to be on his game this year. I wouldn’t want his job, thats for sure. Rusty, Ian, Angie, the Action crew put on a good event. Does anyone know what the entry count was? Bout a Hun? And yes, still the cleanest porta potty in the series.

    A extra special thanks to all who helped us after we had contact in the Tag Masters heat (you couldn’t tangle with a better guy than Troy Howell and his tuner. We were laughing and comparing notes on who suffered the most monetary damage, unfortunately, they did) we didn’t ask for help but our pit was swarmed with 6-8 people ready to help. Pretty cool for sure. That’s what the racers are about for us. Kinda like a family.

    Also thanks to those who helped with our stuck throttle pedal in the Master shifter main. Once again people just converged to help get a competitor back in the game.

    Once again, Brad out there having fun. He ran all the way back his shop so Ron could race after experiencing a coil failure. And watching Ron and Roman Charge through the pack making several clean well executed passes, was why I like watching racing and competing at some level.

    Thank you to whoever took pictures of Roman and left them in our pit. They are very good photo’s!

    Anyway, forum has been dead. It was good seeing and hangin with everyone again.



    I calculated off of “” 110 at Bandimere. Which if my numbers are correct, this last CSC race at Bandimere beat the prior year’s Bandimere number of 98. Unfortunately both GJMS and IMI numbers continuing the negative slope or dropping trend since the high set back in 2004 at all tracks (IMI-156, GJMS-141, Bandi-125, and Steamboat-117). On the positive side the last two CSC races this year both at Bandimere and Greeley Grand Prix show an increase. In fact, another hand for Greeley Grand Prix folks since those numbers of 128 beat any of the Steamboat numbers (not to shabby).

    For those who might like to see the stats that I have gathered download the pdf file. I must preference these stats with the following: I took the numbers from and off of the Results pages from this website, and I am only showing the count from the largest turnout for the year at each track. Typically the first race of any year contained the largest field. Finally I marked the largest class for each race in red.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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