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    just a $2,400 deposit and $182 to drive a Renault F1 Car?

    I could burn $2400 worth of rubber off that thing in about 2 seconds 😀

    And the quote of the month goes to this guy………an aspiring Stockbroker/Racer??

    ?On the compensation waiver, we’ve made it clear that experiencing car racing, just like the stock market, is a bit risky,” the report cited a track official, surnamed Chen, as saying. ? AP


    Well, I just got back from a 6.5 week stint in Singapore, and currently have plans to be in Shanghai in April. Unfortunately, with the move of the CSC date in April I am looking at flying back on friday, arriving in the evening and then starting the drive to Grand Junction. That is, if I can work out the flight logistics.

    Talk about who travels the farthest for a CSC race, this has gotta be a record if I can pull it off.

    Although, I did a similar thing 2 years ago, arriving back from Taiwan and Shanghai on a Saturday, then driving to CRE for a RMC race on Sunday morning.

    It would be really cool to drive an F1 car around the track. If it wasn’t for the deposit, I just might consider it.




    With all you flying experience to the Far East Ithink you should be our Tour Agent and Guide and set up a package deal.

    Maybe even set up a CSC race stop over there!!!!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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