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    Dave Galegor

    I’ve had some phone calls and emails asking questions on the series,
    hopefully this will answer most of the questions.

    1. Q: How many karts do you expect in the field?
    A: Currently there are 7 Easykart 125’s in the front range.
    All owners have expressed that they want to run the series.
    The Dealers in Texas and Arizona want to bring their racers
    to some of our events.
    With the intrest level we have had, I would expect by the
    begining of the season we will have 12 – 20 karts in the 125 class.

    2. Q: How available are the karts?
    A: Easykart America had a shipment from Italy in the 2nd week of
    Jan. those were all gone as of the end of Jan.
    ( I had to buy 2 new karts from a fellow dealer)
    The next container will be in Miami on Feb. 23rd.
    5 – Easykart 125’s are being shipped to CRE and are expected to
    be there by March 1.
    We don’t expect to have any problems getting karts for those who
    want to be in the Colorado Series.
    I would suggest you get a deposit on one out of the 5 coming in.
    As for parts: the warehouse in Miami is full, not a problem.

    3. Q: What about the Babykart, Easykart 60 and Easykart 100, where
    are the classes for them?
    We plan to add these classes as interest for them dictates.

    4. Q: Can you put the 2005 Birel bodywork on an Easykart?
    A: Yes, the newer style bodywork is available as a kit
    from Easykart (it’s Freeline bodywork). And you
    can run either the standard bodywork or the 2005 bodywork.

    5. Q: Were can I get more info?
    A: Go to and look under the Easykart Tab.
    Also you can go to or
    CRE’s website in going through a remodel and should be up
    in the next day or so.

    Hope this answers most of the questions.
    Feel free to contact us if you have more.

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