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    Jim, is it possible to get some questions answered? Maybe you have already talked to them but the contingent of folks planning to come out for the first RMax event are getting restless about the tire thing. Is it possible to finally get some answers with a month before the first RMax race? I have copied what I wrote to the EKarting News Forum below. This was to shed some light to the Gatorz guys that are planning to come out and exposes the tire issue at hand.
    If you havent been following the thread on E Karting News:

    “We were planning on bringing some folks up to race with you guys, but the tire deal has already caused people to drop out.

    What is the minimum number of competitors needed to put the Rotax guys on MOJOs?

    Please see this thread, especially the posts near the end. “

    My response:
    “Here in Colorado at The Track-Jim decided to run MG Yellows so that folks in The MileHi RMax series can compete with the Club Racers as both series will be running together at the same time. That was due to participation numbers. We’ve been told (and held in check) that if there is enough participation for Rotax only-we will run seperately. Jim has not said (when asked a while back) what that number is. I thiunk he has been waiting for final registration? If all of you guys come out here then most likely we will run seperately. And only if we run seperately will we be able to run Mojo’s. I’m one of the few out here that is only running Rotax and could care less about the Club events because I cant afford to race that many races. The problem for me is that I dont know what f______ tires to purchase! Unfortunately I cant afford to go out and have 2 brands of tires available and know the set up on both with one month to go before the first race. Anyway we all would love to have you guys come out! cheers,j”

    I for one would like to know now what tires to purchase for the RMax events.

    I havent heard or read any final word on transponders as well-will rentals be available?

    I hate to sound like a pain in the ass newbie but??? I am a pain in the ass newbie! and…someone if not most will probrably have to pass my pain in the ass on the track as well-as a back marker! Lets put it this way-I have no grand illusions…at 42 I’m not out to be the next mid-life crisis dude trying to become Michael Schumacher.

    I also realize that karting is not a cheap sport and I am one of the people that is really just trying to have a good time. I will also get out of the way if after the first race I realize I shouldnt be out there. However trying to race a few events on a limited budget, I would appreciate any help.

    Thanks Jim, j
    (I for one, do appreciate your thankless job!)

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