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    I have been looking at the animal and wf. My question is were and who do I call to get price on building an animal for the senior 4 stroke class.


    I can let you know one builder not to use. That is Precision Cams they have poor customer service. I bought an animal from them, that had let go with less than five hours on the motor, and they were rude. So now they have me helping them out giving them a bad rep.

    Brian Moore,

    Rodney Ebersole

    Skipper, I will sell my motor off my kart after the finial in Steam Boat for $900.00 Or this winter I could help you build your own in my shop.
    Next year I hear WKA will be having a set of rules much like the ones we put togather for the class this year the only difference I see so far is that they will be allowing porting of the head. So I bet there will be a lot more retail shops offering them for next year.
    Heres a general list of cost.
    1 animal II motor…500
    308 cam…………….100
    Vangard lifters…….. 25
    dual spring set…….. 30
    dominater tilly kit….250
    billet rod…………….. 80
    header……………….. 50
    Labor……………. ???????
    $ 1,035.00
    I will say that I wouldn’t expect a limited mod animal to last five hours running it competitively at the SCS races. We are getting alot of power out of them and it is too early in it’s developement to expect durabilitly too.
    The more we run the class the more we will learn in that department.


    There are some National engine builders for the animal and WF such as
    Moon Power
    Clements Racing
    Precision Cams
    Jimbo @ Faster Motors

    they are all out of state and that can lead to issues, but I and several others have had great success with a local shop, Racer’s Edge here in Lakewood. Owner is Jim Bennett…. 303.986.2107

    My two cents

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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