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    Does any one know if a W F Motor ran at steamboat. If so what # Thanks

    Rodney Ebersole


    Mitch Wright

    I have spocken to a number of folks out west and on the east coast that have said it has been a good package for them.
    I know that one or two run down at CRE.

    George Durdin

    We are going to use the World Formula as a Senior ( Sr.4-cycle) entry level class in 05 to the Rotax/TaG program. They are not as imposing as the current group of TaG engines ; performance and cost wise. They are 15hp, OHV, low maintenance (30+hour maintenance cycle), rev limiter with electric start.A NEW package should retail for about $32 to 3,400.00, about 60% of a new TaG setup.
    The engines are $995 -950.00 depending on the dealer.They come WITH a Premier Titan clutch; with 16 & 17 T sprockets.We are running them with the Canadian RLV two-cycle style silencer ($79.95), pipe support bracket ($25.95), the Nelson battery box and battery ( $59.90) and less than $10.00 for wiring and clamps. They are an excellent engine for either a sealed spec class or a claimer class.
    I would suggest contacting Richie Hearn of Hearn Competition Karting
    626-574-0890 or Nelson Manufacturing, 209-357-9582 for further information. Hearn’s uses them for an arrive and drive endurance racing program. Both Hearns and Nelson are satisfied WF customers. Drop me a line and I will fill you in on our experience with them.
    This is an engine package that could sure reduce the clutter in the Sr. 4cycle class at an affordable price and is a post race technicians dream.

    Rodney Ebersole

    As an experianced 4 cycle racer, racing in the deadest class in Colorado I am going to post my own thoughts on this issue.
    There has been a few karters running the WF here in Colorado, the package is nice, if used as it was designed for.
    We have been mixing all the adult four stoke classes togather at most races. IMI gets the most enties of adult four strokes at there events.
    The WF and the mod animal booth are recondized with national rules orginizations as of 2005.
    A legal wf is slower than a legal mod animal. When raced togather it seems that the wf’s owners first thoughts are to modify them to make them keep up with the mod animals. One of the first things they do is disconnect the rev limiter which was installed to protect racers from distruction of the heavy cast iron wheel that comes on them. Then they find out that the thing will spin more rpm’s, but at the expence of at least the blocks cracking from the added strain.
    The WF really needs to be left in stock forum, if not, some rule enforcement needs to be put inplace for that cast iron wheel.
    Whem reviewing the forums I see many Jr parents trying to decide what class will be there next step. It is sad to me that none of them seem to consider the four stroke classes as a possibility, when the WF could be the ticket to lots of great seat time and competition.
    As far as tec issues with the animal mod, we were blessed this year with great competiters in the class. Sure we only had about 6 racers using them. No tech was ever used on us and I bet not one person in the class felt it was even needed.
    With the adult class of four stroke being so small here I really would like to see a continued unoffication of our group. Even if it means adapting some new rules for the WF and the mod animal to compete evenly.
    If there are any adults or soon to be adult racers that would like to join into our great group of racers please do contact me,Greg Johnson,Larry Gonzales,The Carelli family, The Greenly family, The Langes family, James Laursen, with any questions, all the speed secretes are free.
    You don’t have to choose baseball in stead of racing if on a budget in this class, as I about won the championship on three race weekend tires and still had fun.

    “We are going to use the World Formula as a Senior ( Sr.4-cycle) entry level class in 05 to the Rotax/TaG program”

    Why not use it as an introduction to the class of 4 stroke karters?

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