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    I was wondering about a couple things that we experienced at the track sunday. Pits, we were told where to pit and after getting set up someone came up and claimed that they had paid for the pit in advance but the guy at the gate was unaware of it. so we moved and the next pit same story. so we moved all the way to the end. I think if the pits were numbered and the guy at the gate was aware of which pits were paid in advanced it might save some confussion. There was a lady at the track telling the kids not to play catch or ride their foot scooter around. There is sometimes downtime between races and the kids need to let off some energy and they weren’t bothering anyone. Is there a certain area for the kids to play? It would be nice to know the reasons behind the strict no playing rules, after all the kids are future buisness. I would like to thank the people that work the race and spend all day out on the track and watch for anything and make sure everyone is safe. We did experience many good things about the race and had fun.


    It would be nice to know the reasons behind the strict no playing rules.

    I don’t think it’s a rule but, maybe a suggestion that for their safety it’s probably not wise to play where they were or unsupervised. I have seen too many times a child or even an adult almost get hurt because they are playing or not paying attention in an area where there is alot of activity. Can I get a witness?

    Dave Galegor

    Well, since the question was asked,
    Ian is right, it is a safety issue. Plus it is very annoying.
    Love kids, raised 2 of them, but you know there is a time and place for everything, playing catch in the pits, kids on razor skates, golf carts, atv’s, moped’s, etc. the pit’s during a race is neither the time or place.


    I agree that race day is not the time for scooters. My kid was probably the ringleader of the game of catch. I apologize if he annoyed anyone before I got him to stop.

    I would like to propose a possible solution. There will always be kids at the tracks, I don’t think there is anything we can do about that. I was thinking if we could keep our eyes open for someone who is moving and want to get rid of their playset (I see them on Craigslist all the time). A few of us with kids could take an afternoon and disassemble it and reassemble it at the track(s) in a spot away from the pits.

    Just an idea and I am not trying to tell the owners what to do with their property. I always like to suggest a solution to a problem instead of complaining.

    Just my .02. I will volunteer to coordinate if Jim/Brad and any other track owner is interested.

    Taylor Broekemeier

    Interesting perspective FandE.
    Way to be pro-active, we don’t see that enough on here.

    Curt Kistler

    I’m sure Jansen would like to donate the playset in his back room since he has not had anyone to play on it for years. 😛 😯 😕 😮 😉

    Jim Keesling

    I had to shut down the ball throwing as I was standing there calling a class to the grid, I saw the ball roll out past the hot pit lane, the little racer run after it without looking any direction, and shifterkarts at 70+ coming down hill on to the straight. I asked them to please stop, and once I walked away, they threw it again, and missed it again, and ran after it again straight toward the hot track.

    Next I have seen the kids chasing each other on the razors weaving in and out of kart stands not even caring that someone was trying to push it back to the pit space. Also chasing each other thru the driveway and you can’t see any of them dart out from behind a trailer.

    The gentleman from CompCor was killed in Vegas two years ago in the paddock from a fall off a “pit” vehicle. Insurance doesn’t allow any of it. I will not make any excuses for not allowing it. They are not welcome on race day.

    I’m sorry about the pit moving. Ed had the master sheet, and with over 70 entries Sunday morning walk-in, there is no way to pre-plan.

    I would encourage everyone to pre-register to save waiting in line and having to move.

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