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    ***Since I was not given the opportunity to say “Rich, who do you thank” I will do it here:

    Tag Masters IMI 2005 Champ-Rich Vito: “It has taken 7 yrs to finally come out with a 1st place club finish! I would like to thank my wife of 35 yrs, Gayle, for allowing me and supporting me in my hobby-thanks Gayle! Also the track owners, support staff and the racers themselves. It is a privelage to be in the Colorado Kart Racing Community”

    ***I must commend the banquet comittee. The facility was top notch and the food was the best in 7 yrs! You guys outdid yourself this year! Angie you are the greatest!!

    ***Greeley Grand Prix: I was surprised it was Greeley who offered and not another city. If we add Greeley what race are we cutting? Although I love Steamboat the track conditions were not safe-bumps & water barriers and must be corrected before a return. Or does CSC go to each track only once and add-Greeley, The Track at Centennial-CRE and keep Steamboat-the track owners won’t like this, eliminating 1 CSC race from their track. My opinion-Go West Young Man-let’s go to Greeley! We need to promote Colorado karting-we need more Tag Masters!!!

    ***On a negative note: It’s time tor rein in Bobby at our banquets. The language and out bursts are not needed. It showed disrespect for the wives, significant others, grandmothers and especially the future of Colorado karting-The KIDS! My first year of racing, Bobby jumped me for speaking crudely and said that wasn’t tolerated at IMI. He was right in doing so. So Bobby your conduct at our annual banquets should not be tolerated again.

    ***Special Awards: It was nice to be nominated as best looking kart along with Lee Gagne and another kart. Nobody, could beat out Lee for this award, but the award should go to George-Lee duo.

    I received the “Gaseous Emissions Award”: could somebody explain what that means? Rick S. was that you?

    ***Tag Group: As a whole you guys, girls and kids are really top notch. It is always fun racing with you if not dangerous at times. Have a great off-season and I hope to see ya in 2006.



    Congrats Rich!

    And no it wasn’t me. We were trying to figure out what it meant as well. But I have to say that some how and in some small way it seemed to have some correlation. lol!

    Again Rich, you threw a ton of effort into your Imi championship charge and you deserve every bit of the glory it brings you. Your equipment is allways nice and prepared.

    And I have to agree with your comment about Lee’s special award. I’d be surprise if George doesn’t have that trophy on his shelf right now.

    Best buffet prime rib I’ve had.

    The banquet was great! Bobby didn’t bother us too much but my youngest is 17 years old and my wife had three glasses of wine……. but we did see a lot of people with children get up and go.

    Angie…… What can we say about her! She keeps so much of this work.

    Rusty, Dennis, Drew, Dennis D and the tracks etc… Made this an awesome region to compete in this year.

    Thanks to all, Rick

    Doug Welch

    I hope every one had a great time. We couldn’t make it this year as the oldest was suppposed to come home yesterday from college. Unfortuantly it turned in to air plane hell. After the first plane made it to the runway, then turned around with problems, it went downhill from there. The kid should have been in by 1:30pm but didn’t make it till well after 7:00. And of course the bags didn’t show up till this morning!

    Oh well, I hope everyone had a great time racing this past year and I hope next year brings more and better racing. A CSC with one race at each track and two temps would make Colorado the envy of the nation. It has the potential of being one of the best, if not the best regional series in the country. I hope it can happen.

    Angie MacEwen

    Rich – How Drew got “Gaseous Emissions Award” from your self nomination for the “Old Fart Award” I am not sure. I thought your comment written in the Other space was worth mentioning. Sorry it got lost in translation!

    Congratulations on a great season! It was always a pleasure to see you at the track. Looking forward to next year – there is much discussion to be done to figure out what is going on for the CSC next year. I will keep the racers up to date with what is going on!


    In my opinion, this banquet was the best the location was good and food was the best yet. 100x better than last year, great job guys.


    What can I say…..I was trying to keep it family friendly and wasn’t sure how “Old Fart Award” would go over. Had I known what was to follow…..
    😯 I would have had no problem!


    P.S. So what does wvwrybody else think about Greeley?

    Mike Jansen

    Kudos to the location and food. I loved the ribs last year but this location and food was tops, thanks for the great decision.

    Drew/Rusty: If this Greeley race is over Memorial Day I will be at Indy cheering on Danica and Buddy Rice, sorry.

    Finally, thanks everyone for a fun (but trying) season. I look forward to seeing you again next year and at the annual meeting…

    Jim, gracias for not making me drink all of my mug of scotch. I owe you for that! Next year I will NOT get such an award…



    I would like to point out what a wonderful job Jay and his lovely wife Tammi and Liz did helping decorate for the banquet, it looked amazing!!!!!

    The Reed family

    Angie MacEwen

    Jed, now you went and made me feel bad. I was getting there. I could not have done this year end banquet without some help. Especially Tammy Jacobellis! She saved the day before banquet day ever arrived! The trophy folks called me, while I was scoring practice day at the SuperNats, and told me the trophies I picked wouldn’t work as they did not have enough in the right sizes! By this point, I was worried. I called Tammy (who was already working hard on our clever centerpieces) and asked her to help out with the awards. She took it on, without question, and I can’t thank her enough. She also was the one that made the initial contact with the Merchandise Mart, so she deseves the credit for finding this great place that everyone loved so much! She, Jay and the boys were there before me to start getting ready on banquet day, too!!
    Thank You Tammy! Thank You to the Jacobellis Family!!

    Also, thank you to Liz Schermerhorn for helping Ken unpack and arrange the CSC cups!! She probably had nightmares of trying to vacuum styrofoam peanuts off of people’s pants! I really love the special throw that you did for me…. ok, us… too! You are a very special family, Thank You!

    I have to thank my mom, her husband Art, and my grandma (Nanny), too! If they did not come along to the races, there is no way I could do what I do for the series. They do a little of everything on race days (the biggest is putting up with Ken!)

    I have many other thanks ( and I am sure I will forget someone)… Brad, Stacey, JB and Ann-Louise, Jim, Rusty, Dennis, Drew, the racers, and many other individuals who made this year a success!

    Don, thank you for taking over setting up the slide show – and thank you to all that provided pictures, too.




    You did a great job and so did Mr. Sanborn. No I was not mad that I didn’t get to do the Thank You portion.

    The Old Fart Award was appreciated, I just didn’t understand what the gaseous emission award was. You know when you get to the old fart stage other things slip also.

    The best banquet in 7 yrs!


    Was “slip” an intended pun?


    Rich, Congratulations

    Sorry I missed the banquet.
    Great to racing with all of you.

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