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    Now I’m sure we have all been subjected to #12’s
    loud mouth (loud keyboard) and hasty statements
    about the upcoming race, but what he doesn’t know
    is that real racers don’t dog the competition, they prove
    themselves on the track and then applaude their
    competitors and the end of the day, no matter what the

    2nd place in 2002 Colorado State Championship for Rotax
    2002 IMI Rotax Champion
    3rd place at US Amateur Nationals in Novice 125cc
    Currently sitting second in Novice 125cc in the CSC

    Talk bad about me. If not, then stop disgracing
    this website.

    #88 Tyler Walls


    finally someone aks # 12 to act like an adult.


    finally someone *asks #12 to act like an adult

    Angie MacEwen

    Thank you Tyler. I knew that little ranting by #12 was not typical of our local Colorado kart racers.

    I look forward to seeing you all in Steamboat!!

    angie 8)


    Good job Tyler, you speak for all of us


    I am #12, but it wasn’t me doing the posting but I was laughing my tail off last night when I was reading the posts. I will see everyone in steamboat.

    Dennis Garwood
    #12 Rotax
    3D Racing


    I’m not to worried that this person was one of our local racers.
    I’m convinced that a majority of us carry ourselves
    with a little dignity and self-control.



    Shouldn’t you be in class? Congrats on US Am’s. Tell your dad to give me a call on my cell….I need to pick up my illegal motor. 😆

    When are you heading to steamboat?



    Yeah I had a good run in Norman, I was in second going for the pass to take first and the guy in first spun out and took me out. So i fought for the rest of the race and got back up to third from last. My dad finished third and the world finals and went home with the number 4 plate in the nation in super G. Then at Rock Island he got 2nd in G1, 2nd in Tag Pro, and 3rd in Tag International. So we had a good month hopefully we can finish it up good in Steamboat.


    I talked to your dad at the ROCK. You should have been there…..he really kicked some ass. TAG Masters was probably the funnest race I have ever watched. Seeing him trying to make the pass into turn 6, going side by side, spinning into the barriers and having the crowd go crazy!! It was awesome. Everybody was sceaming at him to push the kart over the line when he couldn’t get it started…pretty cool to see the fan participation.


    Yeah I wish I could have been there it really sounds
    like you guys had a good time. I would have gone but
    school, the job, and the woman get in the way sometimes.
    Theres always next year.


    I am going next year, for sure, that had to be good, congrats Dennis, Sam, Chris, Greg, Stacy

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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