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David Fedler

Brad and Lee – thanks for clearing that up. I was curious as to why there was no SKUSA front range date and I guess we have a clearer picture on that.

Here’s another thought for a “State” series in 2013. Since the goal seems to be to maximize participation at lowest reasonable cost, why not just select a club race date from each track to make a state championship. For example, you could take a GJMS, IMI, SBR, and even AK (run it in conjunction with the CJKC) date from their existing or to be published schedules and create a “State Schedule from the Club Schedule”. It looks like TTAC is going to schedule a “run what you brung” weekend as well so that could mean 5 dates at 5 different tracks.

It’s pretty simplistic and obviously puts each club/track in charge of their “round” with little or no central authority, sanctioning body, etc. If nothing else, if everyone knew and agreed what the dates would be then you could really determine by the actual participation what the potential size and opportunity for something bigger in 2014.

I think the “run what you brung” approach might work best for this. I liked what SBR did last year with the cadets (really the only thing we have experience with)… it didn’t matter if you had a Rotax, LO206, Comer 80, etc. You were a cadet and you ran with the cadets. There were 4 stroke animals, micro max’s, mini max’s, LO206’s, etc. As Don mentioned, the CJKC did this at IMI alongside the IMI Club Series and everyone had fun. The kids didn’t seem to really care that there was a mix as long as they had someone to race with. There were differences in speed and ability which of course raises concerns, but it never seemed to be a real issue.