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Kirk Deason

OK OK so most people beat me. I was psyched to be racing again in a class of 16 karts, lots of happy back slapping masters and fantastic weather contributed to a fun day with the PPKRC. Everyone was welcome, it didn’t matter what motor or tires or if you had the latest 09 clutch basket (for example). It reminded me of the fun that can still be had in karting.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the SKUSA series over the last few years and people seemed so damn SERIOUS that racing at that level is like going to work. I understand WHY as the amount of money it takes to compete is eye-watering to a hayseed like me. I was pleased to be accepted to race in the Outlaw (love that name) class, no one gave me any grief about not having the latest CIK bumper, and the track owner and race staff were genuinely appreciative that we had come to race.

I had a few carb issues due to my ham-fisted adjustments which resulted in a stall exiting the pits (twice–real smooth, Deason) On the rare occassions that I got it to run, my motor was a Monster drift machine that couldn’t keep the tires in line. This may also have a bit to do with my sub optimal chassis settings on my non adjustable flexi flyer chassis.

Once I get my carb figured out, I will be coming back for more. I had a great day and would recommend anyone looking for some fun, TRUE club racing atmosphere to give the PPKRC a try at SBR Motorsports park.