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Ben Schermerhorn

Driving is one thing at a club event. To be competitive at a national event… for the right motors, cylinders, and just becomes a bigger part of the equation. In Supernats of 2008, after a practice session I got to try a PSL Karting ICC, with no other changes, the data showed 4 mph increase and we gained 1.2 seconds…..Thats one of the graces of motorsports. Those that participate in the higher levels of karting bring that experience and equipment to the club race and while it does create a big gap, it also makes club racers better.

I do remember the CSC days where we would have a 140 a race. The economy hit hard and everyone left, and disposable income became rare. Recently, I have seen a trend. People view the low numbers at club races and respectively state there is no competition to race against. So they stop doing club races and save for just national races. This has been exponentially increasing, its a big spiral, not just our state. Why do you think every pro tour has almost increased 50% in entries since last year?

We have a lot of pro racers in Colorado, they just don’t do club races because of the stated reason.. Heck I am not racing club races because I have no one to race against, there is 2 shifters at a race. I If Schuerman, Schimmel, and other pro shifters locally raced I would as well.

Thats my reason for lack of entries.

Costs between local and regional races is big….but they are justifiable…. flown in staff, bigger tire inventories, and different track requirements. Would a regional series survive at $50 an entry? 50 entries got paid for at one race at RMPKC. Costs are always trying to be lowered and The Track at Centennial and RMPKC have done so. I honestly don’t believe that solely lowering costs will bring back the glory days. There are many, many other factors.