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Tony LaPorta

Wow Roger, you bring up GREAT POINTS! :clap:

Lets look at that paragraph where you compare NASA to the lowly sport of karting.
“They include everyone” Exactly! FInally someone brings it up. I cant tell you how many times Ive gone to kart races in Colorado (or across the country now) and have been excluded or shunned. Karting is VERY exclusive and you are only allowed into most groups if you know the secret handshakes.

“They train entry level drivers” I remember my first kart race.. NO ONE worked with me at all or gave me any advice as to race procedures. At my first race at IMI I asked a track worker what to do (as I had no idea) and he told me I was on my own cause “This is karting! And everyone here hates you!” I thought this was the typical experience and headed out anyway figuring Id learn as I go.

“They have programs for just about every experience level” Another solid point Roger. If only karting had a class structure to follow… Something based on a drivers age/weight. The classes could start with the letter “S” and numbers could be added on to the “S” to signify level… I don’t know, something like Pro racers could be S1, Semi-Pro racers could be S2, Novice races could be… I don’t know S3… Im just spitballing here, obviously the IDIOTS that run karting could never come up with a class structure that sophisticated.

And my FAVORITE point you highlight in your argument….
“They party/eat together at the end of each day of racing” Again I think back to all my times as a driver, and now even an announcer that I have aimlessly and hopelessly walked the pits at the end of each raceday looking to share a meal with the racers and teams around me only to be locked out or forcibly removed from their pit stall upon entering. I certainly don’t remember a SKUSA race four years ago at a particular Southern Colorado race track where the promoter/series director/race director PAID to cater a FREE BBQ for all racers, teams, family in attendance. All those racers, and parents who have invited me to their pits for a beer after a day of racing over the last couple of years obviously only extended the offer of a brew because they knew/know I am not of legal age and do it only to taunt me. Or better yet, they probably offered me the adult beverage in hopes that I do drink it with them at which time they will take a picture of me illegally ingesting alcohol and then turn the evidence into the authorities because thats just the type of people in karting.

Roger, you have brought great points to this thread which was started to FIX karting. I wish you and your positive insights the best in the obviously far superior world of NASA racing. Us karters will remember you fondly while we stay here in the dark ages, beating dead horses. :bang

Tony LaPorta