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Doug Haner

Okay, some more questions.

As I understand it the cylinder exchange program is only in effect untill July 31st, correct?

And as I understand it the most suspected engines are the early production Juniors, correct?

If this is correct I have some questions.

What is the likelyhood that non Junior engine of 2005 (I think, I’m at work and don’t have my passport handy) vintage might be effected?

What is the cost of a new cylinder/piston/ring set?

I’m asking this because I definately won’t be able to get my engine in this week and I’d rather not spend the money to have the dual seals done as I don’t think I’m quite ready for any rebuild work as of yet.

For me I’m probably only going to get into a few TAG club races this season and at the very most maybe a CSC event or two. Would it be worth considering to simply wait untill I have my engine serviced next to do the dual seal and check the cylinder? I’m am 100% positive that I will not be competing in any Rotax Challenge events this season.