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I have some friends at RMVR who send me updates on stuff like what’s happening with HPR.

A few weeks ago, everyone, it seems, was writing off HPR as stillborn. Construction costs were going to be too high and there were no contracts signed. Apparently, that situation has changed. That’s fantastic. I think starting now is a good thing. Gives them more time to lay asphalt and let it cure properly before cars get on it. Just the same, that surface will probably be really snotty when they do start racing. We’ll probably see lot’s of 4-offs after the back straight and at the bottom of the hill.

Someone mentioned lights. I don’t think lights are in the plan at this time. The costs would be immense. Maybe at some point an off-the-grid sulution can be found and implemented, but until then….

PPIR was recently sold to a private concern and racing will start up again there soon. RMVR has a date set for mid/late october. Great to see another track back.

At Pueblo, the streatch betewwn the exit of corner 9 and through corner 10 (leading onto the front straight) has been repaved and was ready in time for RMVR’s Trans Am invitational. The racers I talked to there loved it. However, there’s some concern over Pueblo’s immediate future. Who is going to manage it and for what purpose is in some doubt.

@Jon Romenesko wrote:

I’m really really looking forward to High Plains. If they can pull off what they’re trying to pull off, it will be awesome! $3.5 million raised for it, 660k from individuals is impressive. All of the car clubs here really want a car track close to Denver (ha!)…i know personally that a lot of members from the Porsche Club have put a ton of time into this.

I honestly thought this wasnt gonna happen. The original CAMA operation fell flat on its face only a couple months into the process. They originally targeted opening HPR in September, IIRC. Better late than never! The track looks fun with all the elevation changes, and the facility could be really nice too. Just wish i could make the groundbreaking ceremony.

Second Creek used to be an old stomping ground for my Dad & I….Pueblo is a fun track (fast…needs repaving badly), never been to LaJunta (its hot there?), CDR/Mead was lots of fun (but they killed that too), and i’ve only spectated at PPIR. Coincidentally, the reason we went kart racing was because they were taking away all of our big car tracks. Now i wouldnt leave. 😀

I think a kart race at HPR would be really good, they could use some of the cutoffs to make it a little less of a high speed drafting chess match. 😆 Road racing looks like fun…but i think i’ll need a shifter for that.

Regardless, I can’t wait to get the 944 Turbo out on HPR…looks like a blast! :~