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Rick Schmidt

Rick, I was simply saying that other people can paint helmets.

I am very very sorry to offend any one by making that bold statement.

And Rick as for this “adolescent” stage I’m currentley in, I can only say I’m sorry that I am young.

Once again sorry.

It’s not that big of a deal Tony. We were all young once, enjoy it while you can.

And yes anyone can paint helmets. And really no one is the BEST. I think what some of the racers lean towards is; supporting those who support your racing. Why not spend your money with someone who is putting back to you?

Maybe Spike would like to help our series this year? There is still room to make what is going to be one of the best regional series even better.

You think some of your comments are “bold” And you may be right. Some of them are so far out there that they are silly really.

So just keep on keeping on Tony. We’ll fire one over the bow if you get out of line. :direct