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Thanks for the replies…

I was racing Barber Dodge and 2-Cycle Karts in Florida and Eastern US. I had an Atlantic ride lined up with Forsythe back in CART’s hay-day, but opted for CSU (my only regret thus far in life). Thought I’d be able to do both… but just never worked out and racing sort of went by the wayside. I was looking at getting back into racing via marketing (my current profession) but after doing a few things for a team in Dallas I realized I’d rather be on the track than just near it…

Because I’m starting from scratch, $10K may be a bit out of the price range at the moment. I’m assuming there’s probably some used chassis’ out there for the time being… guess I’ll just peruse the classifieds.

Ya, I’ll probably start hitting up the tracks. I actually work right next to “The Track” so that one would be an easy visit.

Thanks again for the replies!