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Ken, what i have always been taught by Ian and his saftey crew is this,
If you are given the blue and yellow flag maintain YOUR line and stay smooth and let the karts behind you get around you.

And i think this is the best explanation there is, because it makes the slower karts know they have to be calm and not over react, and it makes the faster karts know that it’s their job to get around the slower kart.

Exactly……Glad to see this is how the safety crew is teaching drivers to respond to the blue/yellow. Had this discussion a couple of years ago after a race. A parent came over and got in my face because my son didnt MOVE OVER to let him by. Quickest way to cause a wreck.

We are running ovals now and when they wave the blue/yellow they are usually also pointing you down to the inside of the straight. I actually dont agree with it because if the faster car doesnt get the pass made before the corner he will most likley be making the corner entry to put him right in the same spot you are. One of the nice things where run now is that we run radio systems and I can tell my son what line to run to let a faster car by if we need to.