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Curt Kistler

As Troy states, we are concerned about two classes sharing the track at the same time. We are going to be watching the racing this year very closely, and we want to give everyone the best opportunity to pass whenever necessary. Our safety workers and track officials need every advantage they can get to make this right for you, the racers. If there is a race going on, we will let it continue. If there is a slower kart holding up a kart in a different class, then we will be better prepared to throw the blue flag before they speed by for another lap.
With the amount of sponsors Troy has picked up this year, and with the commitments from the Track Owners, you racers will be running for more than a plastic dust collector. I do not want to be responsible for making bad decisions during the heat of the battle if I can help it. Lord knows I am only human, and I will make enough bad calls just being me.

The font and color is open for the numbers. Please be considerate in chosing a font that is legible. Sometimes we can get too fancy and it gets rough reading some of the numbers. Think about it, and get some samples from our vinal vendors. When in doubt, go into the IMAGEWERX.US site and look at some of the photos from last year. If you can read them in the digital photos, chances are, even an old man like me will be able to pick you out across the track at speed.

Hope this all makes sense.