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Rick Schmidt

Re: Aparentley I’m a terrorist ?
by Doug Welch on Wed 03 5, 2008 7:38 am

The Italkart is made by SKM and those components are readily available here in this country. WE can get them. Most of our components interchange with Italkart.Doug
Doug Welch

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I suppose it would be cool if your spindles, steering comums, tie rods, rotors and other consumables are in the trailer. I knew they had Skm components but did not know you had them in stock. Or the interchangablity. What my fear was (and you’ve echo’d this as well) is a racer gets into something that is not suported at the track by someone, and his race or practice day can end pretty quick.

Certainly doesn’t sound like ordering from IM has worked well thus far.

It’s a great machine and sounds like Doug has your back with parts Tony.