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Americans= Scared and Lazy

That’s why we don’t care when we give away all of our rights to be “safe”.

I know my rights….especially my 2nd Amendment. I’ll be damned if there will be an attack on this soil
without regular citizens being armed themselves (like me).

Homeland Security is a Joke. That money should be spent giving body armour to the Marines and Army service men and women…..not calling 14 yr old kids about karting parts.

I guess we’re all just a part of the machine. Either get on board or jump ship….(if it gets worse, I’m considering the latter).

FYI, we are budgeting almost $50 BILLION dollars in “Homeland” Security. And they can’t even look to see WHAT is being purchased overseas, not the AMOUNT.
Guess thats what you get when you have SUITS running the country (and our lives).

FY 2009 budget request for the Department of Homeland Security is $50.5 billion in funding; a. 7 percent increase over the FY 2008 enacted level excluding … … fy2009.pdf – Similar pages – Note this