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@sjpkarter wrote:

[…] I’d have to agree w/ Jeff re. the potential value of starting in TAG when learning the basics of driving.

Yeah, this is one of the reasons why I am contemplating going the TAG route – the horse power doesn’t get in the way of learning the technique.

@sjpkarter wrote:

Also, so, you only have a million questions? That’s about a million less than I’ve had and continue to have.

I was only referring to the million I know of; I wasn’t counting the ones that I don’t even know about yet….like “What the heck do ICC and DD2 stand for?”… :loony: 😀

@sjpkarter wrote:

BTW, Rain Man, what’s your actual name? (Don’t say Dustin Hoffman, I’m not *that much of a rookie…)

Not that type of Rain Man 😆 – I got the name due to the fact that most of my top three finishes were in the rain (and we got plenty of it in the Southeast – probably good 25% of the time in Daytona, Moroso, Roebling Road, and Road Atlanta)

Oh, right, the name: Jerry

Thanks Sheldon