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Sheldon Potter

@RainMan303 wrote:

I’ve been wanting to get into karting for years, and I think the time has come to take the plunge. Unfortunately, I am totally new to the sport and have lots to figure out. I would like to get into shifters…

Hey, Rain Man – As another newcomer to the sport, based both on what I’ve heard/read from more experienced others and from my own admittedly limited experience, I’d have to agree w/ Jeff re. the potential value of starting in TAG when learning the basics of driving.

I’ve mostly been in the arrive and drive machines at The Track at Centennial and elsewhere locally (working on getting into my own machine), but also have had a chance to briefly try out a TAG/Rotax, 6 Speed Honda shifter and most recently one of the Shockwave DD2 machines.

I don’t know where you are in innate talent/athletic ability, and never having been in bikes I don’t know how much skill would carry over into karting, but I’d have to say that all other things being equal I can see how important being able to focus exclusively on cornering, throttle/braking, passing/getting passed, as well as all the hundreds of basic things you have to learn mechanically and about setup, etc. first for a driver new to karting can be of great value longer term. Certainly for myself TAG is a no brainer. 🙂 OTOH, then I’ll have to find some other excuse for being the slow guy… We’ll see..

(of course, your own mileage may vary)

Also, so, you only have a million questions? That’s about a million less than I’ve had and continue to have. This forum and the local karting community it represents are invaluable resources in that regard! Don’t know about you, but it’s all a nice little adventure.

Sheldon Potter

BTW, Rain Man, what’s your actual name? (Don’t say Dustin Hoffman, I’m not *that much of a rookie…)