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Hope your getting stronger every day! I plan on making it back to Colorado for a few races in 09 (as long as all of these series don’t split the entries).

You are right about Alan. He did help propel our program to another level. as did AJ Noud. You can see that in AJ’s program and success today. Alan was always so much fun to watch in anything he drove. And, the one cool thing about him, he never got nervous in ANYTHING. At Petite lemans at Road Atlanta, he was getting ready to crawl into the LMP2 car for his first stint. While we were helping him get his stuff on Kelly asked “are you nervous?” He simply replied, “Hell No, this is my job.” then crawled in the car and was picking people off like crazy (until the engine blew 3rd stint or so). That is exactly how he is in anything he races. From karts, race cars, or trying to scare me in rental cars, he never seemed rattled. That was the cool thing about watching him.

And most importantly, the image you see of him helping everyone and being kind is not an acting job. One of the coolest people with the biggest heart. The memories of being in Italy, racing in colorado, star mazda, everything. That is why I miss racing soooooo much. gotta hang out with a true friend every weekend.

See you all next year. (notice I did not type Y’all) NEVER!!!!!!!!