Re: Meeting

George Durdin

Curt & All,
I appreciate your efforts, under difficult circumstances to organize the meeting even if it didn’t meet it’s original intention. At least it brought the CSC principles, CRE, a couple of the kart shop owners and a fair number of racers togther for a somewhat open forum. At least eveyone now knows who the CSC is and how it conducts it’s business. It’s unfortunate that I wasn’t given the opportunity to make the presentation that I had hoped for but at least some information was shared and seeds planted for future discussions. Also thanks to Rusty for stepping up to find a location and making the necessary arrangements.

It was nice to finally meet Mike Jansen, Mike Edwards,Angie, Ian, Rick and others and placing a face with the voice on the CK forum. It was also great to hear the racers and other organizers stepping up to express their concerns and desires,in a face to face,open public forum. Many racers have expressed their feelings of just being peons in the process….folks you are the reason for the existance of the CSC, the tracks, kart shopsand racing programs. YOUR voice does count and it can be heard loud and clear one way or the other. As one of the CSC track owners suggested perhaps it is time that a Colorado Kart Racers organization is formed to express the organized desires and the direction that the racers would like to see Colorado karting proceed.

As I expressd at the meeting, CRE Motorsports is a PROPONENT of Colorado kart racing and not the evil stepchild opponent that more than a few have painted. I’ve extended an olive branch in an effort to find ways to TRULY unify the sport in Colorado and bring all of the tracks and racers together. My intention for attending the meeting was not to plead for CRE acceptance in to the CSC……but to call for unity, co-operation and uniformity. Hopefully this meeting was the first step in that direction.