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George Durdin

I’m not trying to be combative but you did ask the question, quote” Why don’t you list all of the other possible engine packages that are available for JR’s….the pro’s and con’s for each” without any regard for what appears to be a throughly thought out concern from your customers. The choice of engine is that simple; they have asked for one particular engine, considered all of the alternatives and have been very specific about their desires. Scott Hannum not only sighted the potential numbers that could be involved in the class but gave you family names, so apparently this recommendation is coming from more than just five kart racers. Even those that have used other engines in the Junior I program have expressed there desire for clarity and simplicity on this forum.

As to your concerns for a reliable, inexpensive to purchase and operate engine package that has consistent performance and a successful history to meet written rules without cheating, the Comer K 80 very easily meets those standards and given it’s record in national competition that is not just my opinion. I used Honda engines for nearly 20 years in my concession track operations and I have also used boxstock, sealed Comer K-80’s over the past four seasons in our Junior program and have found them to be just as reliable in their use as I did the Hondas in our commercial use. The only difference in the performance of the Comer K 80 has been the ability of the parent to tune the carburetor and the experience and potential talent of the Junior racer.

Times and circumstances have changed from five or six years ago and a new direction and way of doing business needs to be considered. The annual meeting at IMI will only address your club racing program and I would assume the concerns of the CSC and will not address the concerns of the entire karting community. I would therefore ask for your involvement in this weekends summit meeting in an effort to work together with all of the karting community for the good of all concerned.