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Formula one is hot now,as we aproach Nurburging. Alonso has stopped sharing information of his set ups with the sister car, which makes it more challenging for Hamilton now. Good o’l rivalry…like old times. It definitely gave edge to the brit, a tremendous one if you ask me. First year in F1, and voila…12 points ahead so far, all podiums. I am glad Ferrari has stepped up to the plate, Kimi was starting to dissapoint after the third race…great comeback. I am amazed at the strength of the BMW team. I mean, they broke up with Williams a few years ago, and now are faster and more reliable than them now. Toyota, with all the budget in the world, can’t get things quite figured out yet, some say because they like things done their way…Renault and specially Honda, not at the top of their game either. Things always turn around though 😉
The GP2 was shaping with a definite lead of Timo Glock…but given the circumstances, I dont know anymore. Lucas Di Grassi is at 2 points now after a 2 critical races by the Sport International team, has also given advantage to Luca Filippi. I really hope this year and the future shines for Bruno Senna, from the bottom of my heart. Names from the past are back now…including Nakajima, Prost(not yet on GP2) and Piquet(next year in F1)
Mid Ohio will be the host of the next ALMS race, Penske Porsche was the winner on the last and very bumpy race(New England). Audi promises a better performance…but let me tell you, watch both the P2 and GT2 classes, the level of competition now is pretty insane! Not only they deal with heavy traffic from both faster and slower cars, but with weather/visibility(night-day)/reliability/speed/strategy and etc…

All three types will qualify on friday…