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I like your ideas, but I am not one of the ones that would have to scrap last years motor for one that would conform to your class structure. This might work for next year, if published this year.
I think when the track owners post the official rules they should also post a race day schedule that would be common at all the tracks. That schedule would include what classes would be run together unless a certain high kart count was met. Example: 80 novice would run with 80jr. and would start directly behind unless kart count exceeded 30 karts. Same would hold true with the adult shifter classes, Jr1 and Mini max. If a kid is going to participate in 2 classes they would need to know this now to avoid buying karts that would be run together. This would shorten the race days. We had too many 3-6 kart sessions last year. For every session we eliminate we save about 1 hour.