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Cris Schureman

When I first saw the SKUSA Regional schedule I was a bit upset.

It is disappointing The Mountain Region will not have an event at one of the local Denver area tracks. I am way past being frustrated and almost can find some humor in what we (Colorado) have put up with the past 4 years. At a minimum it would make for a really good reality show.

I know Stan worked very hard on putting a SKUSA regional race on the Front Range. I applaud his efforts and thank him for trying. We will support what SKUSA is doing and make it work. As it stands now-This will require almost 3000 miles of travel for us next year and that does not include the windshield time for the Pro Tour.

I believe that having local, state and regional race organizations based on National Class Structure and Rules (like SKUSA and Rotax)is the way to go. You can add open classes as entries justify.

On the national and regional level (outside of Colorado) you will see Rotax and SKUSA working together next year. Locally maybe when hell freezes over, your card stops getting punched or are not allowed entry into a national race. The Nationals finally understand working together collectively is best for the sport and the bottom line. They are as frustrated as most us with the lack of cooperation on the Front Range of Colorado. The days of divide and conquer are over.

SKUSA is here for the long haul, Rotax is here for the long haul- neither one is going away. We like to bang gears, you like to play Tag. SKUSA has opened up to letting you play tag on a Rotax and get punched for your efforts. SKUSA allows you to use other TaG motors as well if you don’t run a Rotax. Why is this bad thing for the sport? Why can’t we do it around Denver one weekend a year?

Jim or Brad or both-Step UP . Not for SKUSA or Rotax but us- the racers and parents who spend time and money at your tracks. If we can bring this divided house back together I believe we can get 100 racers (plus) to once again come out and play. We did it with you before, have not (YOU and US)done it since, and (YOU AND US TOGETHER) can do it again.