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Mike Jansen


Welcome to karting and I agree with all that you said. It puts a smile on my face to see so many new Kid Karters out there. Besides being cute it’s great to see new blood. They all had equal engines and it was a good barometer to see who needs more practice than others. Brad, great vision. Keep this class what it is spec racing!

I have some advice for some of the newbies and some not too seasoned racers: When the tires are cold they have NOT reached their performance capabilities! What this means is your ability to turn and braking distances aren’t what they’re capable of. So, be careful and aware. I’ve seen more spins entering corners and exiting corners than I care to see. But then again, the pole sitter at Indy spun his car on the parade lap on cold tires so what else can I say (Roberto Guerrero ’91 or ’92)

Another thing: Practice and Qualifying… It’s NOT a RACE!!! Take cold tires, practice and qualifying and you have a recipie for disaster. What I mean is following someone a kart length or even 4 isn’t a good thing. If the person spins in front of you and they’re sitting right in your driving line guess what? You’re going to get a nice collision wether you like it or not. In yesterday’s conditions you either hit someone or you went flying off the track and became what I’ve been called, a farmer, John Deere, Mowing… I Never saw so much mud on karts! Give yourself plenty of room to practice and qualify. If you come up to slower karts either get around them or slow down enough to give yourself a clean hot lap. Destroying equipment in either practice or Q due to a collision isn’t the way you want to race. And I know your pocketbook doesn’t like it either!

I’m not chewing anyone out so if my tone sounds that way it wasn’t meant to be. I’d just like to see y’all have fun and race instead of scrambling to get your rigs fixed. Or worse, have to go home.

The season’s started! Looks like there’s some good racing already! Those DD2 boyz were fun to watch and I imagine we’ll see even more karters at the next club races! Kudos go to Jim and the gang for once again running a good show. And Kudos to Brad for his vision and perseverence to the kids class and the Mile High Series.

Now, get your rigs cleaned oiled and ready for the next race and think about what I said to help you, the newbies and not so newbies…