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Ok, first I know I’m new and I don’t even own a kart yet. Maybe I’m totally out of line here, but just a bit of perspective from another racing community:

I’ve been riding and racing dirt bikes for more than 10 years. Just in the front range area, we’ve lost more than 5 major riding areas due to noise since I’ve been riding and many others have been significantly limited in part due to noise.

I think it’s great that the karting community uses forums like this to discuss these sorts of issues and keep each other in check. As motorcyclists, we talked about it amongst ourselves but nothing ever changed or did anything to address it, so we lost many of our riding areas. If these things are addressed it’ll keep the sport sustainable for a long time.

It speaks volumes that the track operator, the owner of a karting shop associated with the kart, and many other participants all condmned the action. All you folks should be congratulated.

While it may seem like a small squabble on a message board now, keeping these issues in check is mandatory for the maintenance of your ( and hopefully soon our) sport.