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larry toby

Awesome! ❗ I?m glad you GATORZ guys are making such a commitment to come have fun with us Mile High dudes. I met a few of you at South Bend ? seem like a great bunch. I trust you will like The Track and will find a friendly welcome.

Jim can provide specifics but unless he has had a chance to expand his operations (this is a new facility), he will have spec fuel but be light on oil, tires, Rotax parts, etc. So come prepared. There are a number of other shops in the Denver area that can provide you with almost anything you could need but you don?t want to spend your limited time running around.

As discussed in other threads you will likely run with the Mile High Rotaxians and TaG guys. It should make for interesting racing. If too many drivers sign up (nice problem to have) Jim has indicated he will separate the ?tax guys. Jim, if this scenario happens, can you run the out-of-state ?tax guys with the Mile High ?tax guys? I think that is what everyone would want even if they are scored separately for series points.

As promised, I?ll bring a free keg. :cheers: Just remember to drive responsibly on and off the track. 😆