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Tom Dennin

how many of you have driven a new TX sonik and another TAG setup this year? I have actually raced both this year and would like to add my two cents to this discussion.

At Bandimere it was really fast, outside pole, and last weekend at IMI I was off the qualifying pace by 2 seconds on the sonik TX in the TAG sr class. In the TAG master class at Bandimere I was on the outside pole again but with the Rotax. I did not run the Rotax at IMI, but last year I was on pole with bridgestones YGK’s and my times were faster than the sonik in TAG sr this year.

Everyone knows each engine is strong at given tracks. Doug Welch and I had this exact conversation on Sunday at IMI. Just look at last weekend at IMI, Rotax dominated the show. If Roman would have gotten a better start he would have been fighting for first with Charles. I believe that adding 30lbs to the Sonik was a knee jerk reaction to events that occurred on the East Coast and at New Castle.

The addition of 30lbs to the sonik TX was not a good decision by TAGUSA