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Mike Jansen

Gentlemen (and I use that word loosely):

Keep your kudos to yourself and show my kart some love! I am sick of not finishing! 😥

Brad told me last night my kart ingested a lot of fumes and it probably led to the electrical failure. So I have no other option than to protest the finish due to illegal gasses. Then upon further inspection via Gas chromatograph we found out it was illegal gasses but of natural manufacture. Lee, Charles you guys eating a lot of cheese??? :idn:

Lee, come and join me for my mind blowing cardio workout. 6am to 7:00 and you’re toast afterwards! Charles, I have KFC coupons for a free bucket of Chicken. I’ll mail you some. Eat more chiken okay? Roman, you should watch more TV! Work out the buttons on the remote alright?

Tell you what: If I don’t finish next race’s 20 lap main I’ll bring my sister Mikaela’s pompoms and cheer you all to the finish line.

One of these days I’ll know what it feels like to race 20…