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I,m glad to hear that you had a great race. A few questions however regarding what you said about gearing.

You said that the 78 gear it is not the right gear for GJ, I sincerely want to understand this; by what method are you coming to this conclusion? I fully accept your position and with more information, who knows… maybe I’ll be of the same opinion? So help us out here… by what method have you come to this conclusion?

Questions: 1. Were you on the big track or the small track? The reason this is important is that it has not been decided which track will be used for the CSC. Sinse the total “track time” for the Kids Karts will be adjusted this year to be more in line with other classes, I personally would rather see 16 laps on a shorter track withen an allotted, (just an example)12 min. time period than 5 laps in 12 min. I think the racing would be better for everybody, driver and spectator. And if we’re on the small track, how would this affect your feelings about the gear?
2. Do you have reliable mph data from your experience last weekend, if so what is it? We have already determined that our goal is to hold the top speed to 35mph. The mph is the “control” factor not the track, not the length of the track, not the lap times, not the total track time and not even the gear. The gear is one of the methods by which we reach our objective, maximum 35mph. So, what was the data?
3. You said it was a great race, that’s great! How was the event damaged by the use of the 78 gear, and/or how could the event be enhanced on behalf of the kids if we were to change the gear and what would be the method used to determine the correct gear. Also, how would our “Purpose of Class” as stated at the top of our CSC rules and guidelines be more fulfilled by the change?

I think if we had more information about what happened we could better appreciate and contimplate your concerns. Thank you in advance for your additional information.

Scott Hannum