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Welcome to one of the many cans of worms that will be opening now that we have 3 classes to replace the one that served 8-11 year old clutch carts for at leat 7 years here in CO. Back in 2000, 1:05 was considered blistering at IMI for this class. In 2004, it took 59s to win. That’s SIX seconds a lap faster folks That’s the difference between 125 Heavy and Jr 1 in 2004!

If we really follow WKA rules for Jr1 Animal, then the Animals will be restricted. This will make them run much closer to the WKA/IKF Comer80 which makes 9 HP.

Then the question becomes: what to do about the MiniMax at 13 HP? I suggest adding weight. They have their own class, so there should be no issue of fairness, we just want them slower so they aren’t running over the restricted Animals and the Comer80s in the run-group. I suspect it will take 30-40 lbs or so to achieve this. I know this makes for a heavy kart, but at least your kid won’t be running over the others and risking a flip.

If we leave the Animal unrestricted and running on Alcohol, a well built one will make 16.0 – 16.5 HP with a good cam. Subtract about 1 HP if gas. Either way, they probably are going to be faster than the MiniMax, and they will blow the Comer80s right off the track. I figure 5 to 6 seconds a lap faster than the WKA/IKF stock Comer80 at IMI.

Rod Whetstone