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Tom Dennin

For the CSC series, all they would have to do is fill out one form and send TAGUSA $100. Then the series would be listed as a qualifier for the TAG World finals at New Castle. It would possibly lead to more TAG racers in the series. Also, it would lead to more attention nationally for the CSC. All positive attention towards the series is a good thing!

For the racer, all they would have to do is get a TAGUSA membership and accumulate the points needed to gain enrty into the event at the end of the year. Just go to to find out the details.

My opinion is that it would just give everyone racing TAG another avenue to race a large national event. For a Rotax driver, if I choose to do so I now can race in the CSC, RMC, SKUSA National, Rotax National, and the TAG national or pick form any of the aforementioned races.