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@Z Gillis wrote:

Someone clue me in here. Where exactly is this kid from, how old is he and when did he race karts in Colorado? Does he still reside within Colorado?

Carrios live down in Monument. I think Ace is 17 now, but oddly enough doesn’t have his driver’s liscense. He raced karts until last year. Started in Jr1, Iguess and moved up though the ranks. Must have been four years ago they went to the IKF Nationals in 60 shifter(?) and came home with both a Duffy and a Screaming Eagle. The kid is gawd-awful fast in a kart.

Adrian’s success is due, in no small part, to his dad. As I understand it, Glenn raced karts at high levels back in the day with people like Lynn Haddock and others. So, Glenn is no stranger to karts and how to make them fast. The karts he prepped for Ace and his younger brother Miles are impecable and always top-notch, no-exspense-spared, no-detail-too small-to-overlook racing machines. I also think he had a stopwatch surgically implanted in his right hand. Any time the kids were on the track, the stopwatch was out and running. Precise, methodical and meticulous would probably best describe Glenn’s approach to racing. All that and a great guy to boot.

I wonder one thing. Ace always had a Spanish Cross on his kart helmet. I wonder if he still does that?