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I find this amusing that on the “I was wrong” and “rules” thread almost everybody wanted a outside party for lack of a better discription, to give them rules and a feeling of belonging and legitamacy. Now the nay sayers come in and say how we don’t need them and we can do it ourselves, I say B.S. it wasn’t done and it probably won’t be. It is just a way to keep it away from somebody or something that might have some influence over what has been happening. And to say that people shouldn’t have to join both groups is weak at best, it’s 75 bucks once a year that’s nothing compared to what is spent on one practice or race day. So when it comes down to it there is already a SKUSA region here, why not piggy back on that and support it rather than bring in WKA,IKF,or KART and let them further splinter the available karters, makes sense to me.