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J.B. Olmstead

It seems to me that what Angie is suggesting is , we should get all the racers (150 or so) to sign up for SKUSA to the tune of $75,00 each ($12,000.00) and a similar amount for each race so that we can operate under the rules of SKUSA , and —- elect the SKUSA regional director to be the CSC race director as well ! Hmmmmm

Does anyone besides me sense a small conflict of intrest here ???

Many of the current racers were not around when Rusty Newberry gave his heart and soul to build SKUSA in this region , he built from scratch to a membership of over 80 members , and had a 95 % approval rating to boot !

Rusty is availible for the Job of Race Director for the CSC , and I believe would represent the CSC and the hearts of the Colorado racers when or if negotiations were required with SKUSA .

I must bring up a couple of my pet peeves about the SKUSA administrations decisions in the past —
# 1 , SKUSA held a National Amature Championship event a few years back , but

refused to invite the amatures (Novice 125 shifter racers) — go figure !
# 2 The G-1 (senior – heavy 125) class was origionally for age 40 and up , SKUSA with their knee jerk decision making policies decided just a couple of weeks before the last race of the season (Las Vegas) felt they just had to make room for a couple Pro Racers , who happened to be under age 40 , dropped the age requirement to age 35 !

These things probably don’t mean any thing to many of you , but , we have a good thing started with the CSC , and I for one do not want any SKUSA official in the management structure of the CSC — resources or not !

I am very confident that if the racers are willing to contribute the kind of money to the CSC that is being proposed to send to SKUSA , we could easily hire someone to do some creative editing from existing rulebooks and come up with the answers to that issue !

Regards , J.B.