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It’s definetly feasible as a matter of fact it’s being done by a lot of tracks all the time. All that needs to be done is to have the tracks you run at use those rules packages. Then if there is to be a regional series then all the tracks in concern would opt to get sanctioned or the series would be sanctioned by the organisation of choice. It would definetly be a strong message to the karters in the area that things are to be taken a little more seriously and that there will be a level playing field. I wholely agree with Doug on the fact there are to many ways to gain an advantage with fuel or tires and to try and make up your own rules is crazy. Apparently as karting grows here more and more people want a set of rules that are run nationaly instead of some backyard concepts by track owners that don’t have a clue. I applaud these ideas and hope this gets off the ground.