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Sheldon Potter

Scott – I’m a recently retired Web head so wouldn’t try to help you directly, but I may be able to provide a referral or two.

Sounds like you’re looking mostly for content maintenance (text and graphics/pics?) and a possible design upgrade on one or the other of your two sites? Beyond that, it would be helpful to know a bit more about your specific requirements and I’d be happy to see if I can at least get a couple of names for you.

Also, if you’re doing much in the way of text content maintenance, I’ve worked w/ a Boulder gal for a customer or two of mine who does excellent Web copy writing – informational, technical and promotional copy – very professional and accommodating, and knows both writing and business.

BTW, the two sites I saw links to in your post both seem to be very nicely designed, not amateur designs at all. I take it that their designer/developer(s) aren’t considered viable candidates for your current needs?

PM me any time on that.

Sheldon Potter