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Troy Smith


You have a great start…I’ll list a few additional items below for you in addition to my personal list of ‘take to the track’ items. To answer your question, I have a medium-sized plastic toolbox which carries everything I need. The table is really a must…it’s a cliche’ but true, organization is the key to success and as karters we have too many small parts to let things get disorganzied in the pit.

Karting Tools:

– Metric open/box end wrenches
– Metric open/box end wrenches w/ ratched capability a huge plus!
– Metric socket set
– Metric allen set…t-handle w/ a long side and an allen in the handle is the best option for torque capability.
– BFH…Big F….. Hammer, 3 or 5 lb plastic-faced dead blow hammer
– Rubber Mallet…good for small ‘convincing’ jobs…you know, convince this part to move a little this way, etc.
– Set of dykes, pliers, needle nose pliers, small metal file, a set of picks (small ones work best), large~medium~small screwdrivers.
– Spark plug wrench.
– 22 MM socket for your front spindles.
– Tire gauge
– Supply of air (I used a small nitrogen bottle all last season and didn’t even put a dent in it – nitrogen is much better than compressed air (but not a “must”) as the source is controlled, thus the amount of moisture in the product is controlled and you always get a consistent expansion at temperature from the tires). You can rent (you can’t buy them) a bottle at any welding supply store and they will sell you the regulator (about a hundred fifty dollars) and hose.
– Supply of zip ties, multiple sizes.

Things you need or your day could end quickly:

– Sprocket alignment tool. Available at any on-line kart parts supplier.
– Chain breaker (same availablility). Tag = 219 chain.
– Extra brake and throttle cables, spark plugs, chains, and sprockets. Brake pads are not a “must” but a good idea.
– Fluids: WD 40 (cleaner and moisture protectant), Simple Green (bio-degradeable cleaner), Chain Lube, Brake Cleaner (will damage painted surfaces on the kart, but as you have ATV’s you know this) 🙂 , Brake Fluid, Motor Oil, at least a gallon of water in case you need to drain the radiator at the track.
– Rags, lots of rags.
– Extra tires…karters typically utilize their used race tires for practice and you build up a supply/stock quickly. Post on the “General” forum and you will get people willing to give you practice tires for cheap if they charge you at all!
– Set of extra hardware (contact the guys over at Shockwave or Barry at Billet Performance and they can line you out or check online at
– Safety wire tool & spool of safety wire (AAI Speedworks in Arvada, $20 for the tool, $17 for the wire).

Track Stuff & Miscellaneous Thoughts:

You said you have ATV’s so I assume you know all of this, but as long as I’m typing, I’ll put it out there anyway…

– Track = Asphalt = much hotter than a dirt ATV track. I always bring a cooler w/ plenty of fluids and snacks.
– Sun, same way…easy up tents are great, about $100. Nothing like working on the kart in the direct sun… 😯
– Sunblock, some kind of hand cleaner (we have GREAT tracks here in CO but you will need to bring some basics for cleaning up), etc…
– A magnetized tray available at any auto parts store is great. With all the small parts, springs, etc…these come in very handy ~ you can clip it right to your frame and put all of your parts there (I’d recommend that you not get in the habit of using your seat as a tool/spare parts storage bin; you’ll find everything you own will get filthy quick and you will lose small parts (trust me on this one, personal experience) 😯 ). If you look online, some companies also make a tray which sets on your seatback and provides you with a flat tray to set things…not necessary, but very handy to have.
– Hose clamps…check your kart for sizes and grab a few.
– Batteries…if you plan on running a Mychron or other data acquisition computer.

I think that about covers it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Welcome to karting.