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Mike Jansen

@hotwheels1517 wrote:

Was the real reason the racing didn’t go on over the fact money was already collected, last race of the year etc.?

Jim can answer for himself but being a driver himself I think he too wanted to race, period.

Let’s reflect for a minute here: The CSC is a club race on steriods, period. The proof is in it’s actions. Don’t confuse our WANTS with IS. That said, the CSC can move forward and improve and it appears the things that need addressing are two main items. 1) Write a more restrictive and encompassing rule book. 2) ENFORCE the rule book.

It was a great season and I’m glad it’s over. I’m also looking forward for next year and (hopefully) continual improvement!

BTW… The best race of the day a lot of you missed and that was watching the shifter “free for all” after the day was called. Kyle Ray’s starts are something to learn from (I think he passed roughly 6 drivers at the start alone) and watching the faster guys who started at the back pass their way to the front was pure pleasure! And seeing over 20+ karts on the track at one time was a thing of beauty!

Hope everyone got home safely and don’t forget to DRAIN THE WATER OUT OF YOUR ENGINES, it’s going to be a very cold week especially in the evenings. No need to replace those cylinders if you don’t have to.