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Jon Romenesko

Ok. Maybe i’m in the minority here, but i’d like to run a harder compound tire. Don’t get me wrong, the Yellows are a great tire(have yet to drive the Whites), but shifters really eat tires when compared to a TaG. Personally I would rather have a tire that I can get 2 competitive races out of instead of a tire that laps 1s quicker, but can really only be used for seat time after one (!) race! It’s no fun chasing your tail in the back of the pack because you’re on one race old tires that aren’t as quick as a new set. Maybe the MG HZ (reds)? Those are the next ‘step down’ in the MG line.

I love mega grip and fast lap times as much as the next racer, but this is club racing, and I just don’t see the ‘need’ for super sticky rubber. Pro Tour races? Definitely. SKUSA regionals? Of course. Not knocking the club racing here in any way, but I know for a fact that my tire bill is far and away the biggest percentage of my weekend race bill, and I could race in far more events if my $250 tires lasted and were competitive. And I would much rather be racing around a little slower on a harder tire for two races, instead of a soft tire for one. If everyone is on the same tire, what does it matter? We’re all still having fun!

Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to race much this year because of, you guessed it, money. I realize this is not a cheap sport, but that doesn’t change the fact that I love it, and i’m addicted to it, but i still have to pay for it with my own cash. A more durable, more economical tire would allow me to be at the track more often, simple as that. And that’s what everyone wants, right? More racers.

Plus I think a shifter would be a much bigger handful to drive on a hard tire, that could be fun. :anyone