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Rick Schmidt


Helmet slowing you down?

If you would like some high end end custom graphics on your lid. I will personally donate a week of every spare moment I have, to making your helmet look great. Yes, I come out of retirement every once in a while to lay one down. And I will disassemble your helmet, new or used, repair chips if not new, apply a scheme to your liking, and if needed procure a seal kit (this typically cost an extra $35 – $50 & I’ll eat the cost) to reassemble the “new look” lid, making you look clean and fast! I use the best materials money can buy, you won’t be disappointed!

If you point some money Bob’s direction, I’ll make your helmet rock!

I’ve seen some pretty blah looking lids out there. You’ll never get to the front looking like that!

This should be good for 2-3 tenths a lap.

I have no idea what to state as a value. I’ve painted helmets for $300, I’ve painted helmets for 2k. Just help Bob and I’ll make you look good!


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