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Scott Falcone

Thank you very much for all the great compliments and kudos. 
Not to mention, all the support on and off the track. You guys were all great this last weekend. Lots of Colorado folks were at the scales, stands and fence high fiving me, yelling like crazy and showing nothing but incredible support during the good and bad times of the weekend. It really means a lot to me that all of our hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. So, thank you again!!!!! Colorado should be proud.
I would like to especially send out a supper big thank you to my sponsors and tuners at Kartsport North America, Eric Jones, Victor Pedrosa, Brandon Jones, Ben and Mark Schermerhorn, Arrow X3, K1 Racegear, and Alfano. I couldn’t have this success without you all, thank you very much!
As far as the racing goes this weekend- I will bite my tongue and just say I had blast and if the politics were in the right place we would have easily swept the weekend, but that’s okay. I had the best time that I have ever had in a go kart in the main on Sunday jumping the chicane was as fun as it looked.
On Saturday I was doing it but not as big because I was worried about throwing a chain or breaking the kart. Remember, we are still in a point’s race for the championship. But, after winning on Saturday and having a 1-2-1 already for the series we figured Sunday could be the drop. So I got the direct order to attach the chicane and bring it. On Sunday in the main I took flight- literally! I had to time the jumping through the chicane perfectly or I would have landed on top of the kart in front of me. I nearly did land on the competitors in front of me several times throughout the weekend. None the less it was a blast and we should be leading the championship going into Vegas were the glove are off the real racing begins.
We are now putting our focus towards next week’s Rotax Grand Nationals in Rotax Masters. The competition will be stellar and nothing but very competitive. We will need some great equipment and lots of luck to complete for the national championship.
Thank you again for all of your kind words and support it really does mean a lot to me see you soon. 