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Rick Schmidt


If you’re not actually going to race this year but just get seat time. Most any non boost port motor package would work. The Rotax is extremely dependable and offers a lot of options if you do decide to compete. The engine package requires some finesse to drive fast at first, but nothing you can’t handle and every new Rotax driver dosen’t go through. To run at it’s highest performance levels also requires some tuning ability as the motor is over carbed but there is a lot of help out there and you wouldn’t need to have it on the edge. We ran a Rotax for 2 years without a rebuild and were still competitive. Not that I would advocate that far past reccomended interval.

We have also been very happy with our Motori and there are a lot of Leopards out there as well. Depending on your size, a used Biland package would be pretty hands off for your first year and has torque to pull weight.

Buy something that is resalable and supported in our area. You will need spares even if you’re just getting seat time.

Not sure an arrive and drive would be pratical as a practice option for the year. At very high levels of the sport, it might be an option but a well tuned unit is what you’ll get and will pay respectively.

If it’s not in the cards this year, go rent at the different tracks and get your seat time as you can afford. This is not a cheap hobby in general but for racing it’s pretty good bang for the buck. I know people that spend more on golfing, model airplanes etc…

And despite what some feel may be on this forum at times, it’s some of the best people you and your family could hang with.