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larry toby


I don’t know if your user name indicates a preference for KTM motorcycles or not. If so, welcome to the club. I’ve been riding and racing KTM motorcycles around the world for decades. In either case, welcome to karting.

Karting, as a whole, is not nearly as large or mature as motorcycle racing but it has come a long way! It is a ton of fun and I highly recommend making the punge. Colorado is one of the best states to get started in. You have many tracks, shops and fellow karters. They are all quite helpful.

As for where to start you can’t hardly go wrong. TaG is very popular in Colorado. I think the Rotax program is the best 2 stroke program going if you have any ambitions for racing at a national level. Rotax is currently smaller than TaG in Colorado but is growing. Especially since the 2007 Rotax Grand National Championship will be held here in Colorado. Even if you don’t compete, you will want to watch this event because there is nothing like it. The copetition is intense and deep. You can find deals on used Rotax or TaG karts any day of the year.

However, if you want to go new or get in on the future of karting check out the new four stroke TaG classes and engine packages. Just as happened in motorcycling, the evolution from two stroke to four stroke is going to happen very quickly – must faster than anyone in the industry understands or will tell you. Four strokes represent the future of karting available today. Just like in motorcycling, the new four stroke kart engines represent the latest technology, high horsepower, lower maintenance, higher reliability and a lower cost of racing over the lifecycle or the engine.

People like to make karting more confusing than it needs to be. As I said above, it doesn’t matter what you do you can’t go wrong. Jump in and have fun.